Online Marriage Registration Delhi . Marriage registration is one of the most important tasks connecting to a wedding. It can be handled through the Hindu Marriage Act or Special Marriage Act done by couples getting married irrespective of their religions. A registration helps both partners in a marriage, either before, with issues during, or if a spouse passes away. A marriage certificate is needed to help with any official work relating to the marriage.

There is a lot of documentation needed for the registration of a marriage. Some of the forms are mentioned below and have to be submitted by both the parties.

  • – Depending on the religion of the people getting married, the right application forms have to be filled out and submitted
  • – Proof of address.
  • – Proof of identification (you cannot use the same document submitted as proof of address).
  • – Proof of your birth.
  • – An affidavit stating the date and place of the marriage.
  • – Photographs
  • – The wedding invitation.
  • – A signed certificate of the priest conducting the celebration.
  • – Two witnesses, preferably who were present at the time of the marriage.
  • – Depending on the circumstances of the marriage, a certificate of conversion, divorce, or death.

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