Marriage Certificate Agents In Delhi . Marriage is the confluence of two souls. But for a legitimate marriage, proper registration id necessary or else it would be considered as not only illegal but unethical. It is also an event of social association. To peruse a marriage, certification from the government of India is required. We provide authentic law assistance for all sort of matrimonial acts. Here is the complete guide for all Indian marriage acts, laws and required legal steps.

There is a lot of documentation needed for the registration of a marriage. Some of the forms are mentioned below and have to be submitted by both the parties.

  • – Depending on the religion of the people getting married, the right application forms have to be filled out and submitted
  • – Proof of address.
  • – Proof of identification (you cannot use the same document submitted as proof of address).
  • – Proof of your birth.
  • – An affidavit stating the date and place of the marriage.
  • – Photographs
  • – The wedding invitation.
  • – A signed certificate of the priest conducting the celebration.
  • – Two witnesses, preferably who were present at the time of the marriage.
  • – Depending on the circumstances of the marriage, a certificate of conversion, divorce, or death.

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