court marriage Certificate In North Delhi. Marriage is a legal document proving a marriage between the bride and the wife. Marriage certificates can be useful when applicating for many other government documents, such as PAN, Passport, and Visa, after marriage. In this paper, we examine the procedure and required documents and charges for marriage certificates in Delhi.

Court Marriage Registration in North Delhi

  1. The bride and Groom both have to fulfill these requirements.
  2. At the time of their marriage, they should not have a living husband/wife.
  3. Due to their unhealthy minds, they should not be able to give consent.
  4. They shouldn’t have a mental disorder that makes them unfit for marriage or having children, even if they can consent.
  5. They shouldn’t be insane or epileptic.
  6. The bride should be 18 years old at least and the bride should be 21 years old.
  7. The relationship between both parties must not be prohibited.

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