Court Marriage In Kanpur city which is nearby Makanpur is known as Karnapur has recently recorded good number of marriage registrations. In accordance to Marriage Constitutional law the minimum age eligibility for male and female to get a marriage certificate in Kanpur is 21years and 18 years respectively. Registration can be done under Hindu and Special Marriage Act 1955 and 1954. Conditions are applicable under each Act. However, in general marriage certificate is usually issued by the Additional Divisional Magistrate (ADM).

This official record that states marriage ceremony has taken place is called a marriage certificate and simply indicated that the couple is legally married. The certificate is only issued to those who are eligible to apply for it and demonstrate all required documents in the prescribed format. To obtain it from the legal authorities, prior registration is necessary. In India, a male who is below 21 years of age and a female who is below 18 years of age cannot apply for this certificate.

  • Attach all the documents along with the form and submit it to the court of the marriage officer. The officer in charge to issue the marriage certificate is Addl. District Magistrate.
  • The court will process the details and verify the details. The name will be registered within the presence of three witnesses after thirty days and within three months of submission of the application form in the court.
  • Once the marriage is registered, the court and designated will issue the marriage registration certificate soon.

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